About The Course

Department of Engineering Science & Humanities

A Knowledge in basic sciences is an essential ingredient of any professional course. This Department is devoted to foster the fundamental principles and understanding of engineering science that are capable of enhancing the human experience. The Engineering Sciences are: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Humanities. Humanities comprises disciplines such as English and Management.

DESH aims to making a holistic development of the learners. The motif is to cultivate a high degree of scientific and analytical temperament among the learners. It is also the chief concern to harness in them the best quality knowledge about science and technology. This department wishes to sharpen multi-faceted talents of the student to make them sound engineers of the futuristic India. It is also the prime responsibility of department to harness students with the value of harmony and humanity to make them responsive to the social needs. The ultimate goal of the department remains to promote the culture of peace, unity and high ethical standards for the betterment of global society.

The Department of Engineering Sciences and Humanity started with the very inception of Veerayatan in 2010. Its objective was to provide liberal education to budding engineers so that they can become professionals with a difference to understand the social realities. All the faculty members are highly dedicated to their work and are always willing to carry out any responsibility that may be entrusted to them.

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