About The Course

History of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is the pioneer branch of engineering. In fact, the entire range of man-made construction, of not only modern nations but also space cities, is the creation of civil engineers. Since time unknown, human beings have been engaged in building all kinds of impressive buildings. As civilizations matured, it simultaneously led to the development of bigger, better and diverse structures. From cave dwellings, human beings had moved on to construct houses, palaces, canals, dams, highways, stadia and what not. These civilian structures played a significant role in the development of human race and gave various dimensions to human life.

Department of Civil Engineering

The department of civil engineering established in 2010 has the distinction of being one of the oldest departments in the Institute. It has ME (Structural Engineering earlier it was named CASAD by GTU), BE (Civil) and Diploma (Civil) courses with intakes of 24, 60 and 120 students respectively. The faculty believes in high quality teaching and is very active in projects, conferences and research publications, workshops, short term training programmes, faculty development programmes, co-curricular activities such as value addition programmes, expert lectures etc.

The department has worked out a plan and is executing the same with a view to offer testing and consultation services to Government, Semi-government and Private sector organisations so as to disseminate the knowledge and technical know-how through these sectors to the society at large to enhance the standard of living. Further, it has helped the government organisations to offer the benefits of such a technical know-how to the poorest of the poor and end user by taking up Industry Defined Projects, IDPs, under MGNREGA. It is also interacting with big business houses in the field of electric power generation such as Adani Power Plant.