About The Course

History of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is the branch of engineering that applies scientific and mathematical principles to design and develop processes by which available chemicals can be converted into a variety of useful products. Chemical engineering is applicable to a wide range of technologies, including the production of energy, materials, electronics, and pharmaceuticals, the processing of food, and environmental protection and remediation. development of the high-quality materials and large-scale process characteristics of industrialized economies is an achievement of chemical engineering.

Chemical Engineering is an ever evolving and fascinating branch of engineering having exceptionally high science orientation. Chemical engineering enjoys a special and critical place in scientific and engineering discipline. It deals with world of atoms, molecules and molecular transformations. As ecological sustainability takes on ever greater significance in the twenty-first century, there is likely to be a sustained demand for chemical engineers to collaborate with ecologists, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, material scientists and others in planning eco-industrial projects. Such projects would integrate several different industrial and biological processes into synergistic complexes to produce materials and products needed by society.

Department of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering Department at VIE has been established in 2011 with a vision of providing quality engineers to fulfill the need of industries in forth coming days. It is equipped with instruments and Experienced Faculties. The department has well developed laboratories with advanced equipment and instruments in various subjects of Chemical Engineering such as Fluid Flow Operations, Mechanical Operations, Heat Transfer Operations, Mass Transfer Operations, Petroleum Refining, Environmental Engineering, Process Control Engineering, Chemical Process Industries etc with mission of imparting excellence into students in practical work along with theories.